Argentum Fons

The Brothers of the Sun

Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.

Where’s Dru?

After a good night’s sleep, the adventurers awoke at Penelope’s estate, still glowing a brilliant, vivid purple. Realizing that they still had no idea where Dru was, Niskadora sent Judo into the city to track him down. In the meantime, the team devised a plan to head into town to entreat the Brothers of the Sun for information about the Whispering Deck, and help reverting themselves to a non-purple state. If they happened to find some additional cards, well… who would miss them, anyway, right?

Mordecai offered resistance, initially upset at Erroll’s thievery and now even more unnerved by the prospect of stealing more cards from the Temple. Erroll appealed to Mordecai’s sense of justice by lying telling him of Niskadora’s brother, Bob, who had been kidnapped by the Brothers and was in need of a daring rescue.

Upon hearing that Niskadora’s brother Bob had been kidnapped, Cecil sprung immediately into action, vowing to aid Niskadora in rescuing her brother, no matter the cost.

The Temple

Now joined by Dru once again, the group made their way into town, across the busy central plaza, to the temple of the High Order of the Brothers of the Sun. Inside, they were greeted by Friend Survel, a new initiate of the Order.

Cecil returned Survel’s greeting with vicious threats and demanded to know where Bob was being held.

Eventually, the situation was defused and Survel agreed to take the group to see Matchless Friend Mi’ikanti, the high healer. After Arder committed herself to learning more about the High Order, Mi’ikanti was able to reverse the magic resonance causing the purple glow, restoring everyone except Mordecai to their original, non-glowing selves.

Survel returned and ushered the group to the guest barracks to rest and make themselves comfortable before evening prayers. Once there, Cecil and Erroll snuck away to find where the Brothers were keeping the cards Bob.


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