Azloria, City of Prophets, is a massive city that served as a trade route for many generations before becoming a pilgrimage destination a century ago.

The Prophets of Azloria were originally fortune tellers, busking on dusty street corners and in the enormously crowded Plaza Market. Over time, the corner stands and busking platforms became more and more elaborate until eventually the city agreed to sequester a small centralized facility for the prophets to operate from. Politically, of course, this served to improve the city’s public image by keeping the buskers off the busy streets (city ordinances prohibited street “performers” but no such sanction existed for diviners).

Now more physically organized, the prophets decided to organize in a more fundamental sense and form a coalition. Through numerous public hearings as well as more than a few back-room deals, the Prophets of Azloria were now a legally-recognized organization, securing all the benefits owed to them as a result of their status as a legal entity in the city.

Over time, the Prophets’ influence grew and their notoriety reputation overshadowed the city’s bustling Plaza Market. The Prophets successfully petitioned the Prince of the Sovereignty to build a larger, even more centralized temple. The Prophets have been operating thus for over 40 years, and their reputation as a source for divine information has only continued to grow.

In addition to the Temple of the Prophets, Azloria is home to a number of other branch temples for dozens of major religious factions and cults throughout the realm. The various churches and religious organizations often seek guidance from the Prophets, and positioning envoys in the city allows them to correspond more directly and more frequently. As a side effect, membership in many of the more fringe organizations has increased tremendously over the last several years. Many attribute this to Azloria’s position as a major travel and trade route and cite the increased degree of exposure gained by expanding a parish into Azloria.


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