Argentum Fons

The Heist

Property is organized robbery

The Skull

With Niskadora waiting outside, Erroll snuck into the Little Pixie, hoping to make it out with the box containing the cards from the Whispering Deck. Having watched the shopkeeper put the box away earlier, Erroll deftly made his way behind the counter, grabbed the box, and…

“Psst! Hey, hey you! Thief!”

“Eh? Who’s there?”

Erroll saw two brilliant white points of light, glimmering in the darkness of the shop, behind the counter just feet from where he was standing.

“Come here! Help me! You have to get me out of here!”

Investigating closer, Erroll discovered that the voice was coming from what appeared to be a human skull inside a bottle. Not one to pass up an opportunity to make money help someone out of a tight spot, Erroll agreed to assist the talking, glowing-eyed skull in his escape. The skull told Erroll that the shop was warded with a magical alarm that would sound inside the shopkeeper’s home, but that they should have plenty of time to get out before anyone arrived to investigate the break-in.

Erroll, along with the box containing the cards, and a talking skull in a bottle, walked out the door of the shop with a confident swagger.

The Alleyway

Meanwhile, Cecil and Aldara made their way back to the rendezvous point, noting the signal of glowing embers indicating that Arder and Astrafel were in danger. As they approached, they saw the Bard and the Immolator trapped, boxed into an alley with City Guardsmen closing in from either end.

Astrafel leapt into action, weaving a magnificent mandolin solo into a distracting spell. At the end of the alley nearest the central plaza, one of the Guardsmen began dancing violently, injuring and startling his brothers. From the other end of the alley, right as Cecil and Aldara were running in to help, Arder took control of the flame of a nearby torch to create a barrier, a wall separating them from the Guards. Her magic backfired and the flame instead cut across the mouth of the alley, driving the Guards closer in and cutting off Aldara and Cecil’s approach. Aldara was able to redirect the magical energy, absorbing it and releasing the flame as a massive fireball, taking out the guards nearest them. With the treat from the City Guards dispatched, Arder, Astrafel, Cecil, and Aldara were able to reach the rendezvous to meet up with Erroll and Niskadora.

The Druid

After zipping into the air as a housefly, Dru transformed into a giant grizzly bear, falling upon the Guards attempting to subdue him. The Guards stood no chance against a bear three times their size, and were swiftly incapacitated.

Dru, unable for the time being to transform back to his natural Elven state, wandered off into the city, frightening citizens and eliciting calls for help from every window and door he passed…


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